Over the weekend of 27-29th January we were pleased to have Russell Godward of Move UK with us. Move Uk exists to “Multiply Disciples and Churches everywhere”

On Friday evening and Saturday morning, a group of around 30 people representing local churches and Christian organisations were initially reminded of Jesus’ words from Mark 1:17 “Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men” and then were trained in simple reproducible methods of connecting with those who are far from God, sharing their stories, sharing the gospel - God’s story and making disciples.

Following lunch it was time for the rubber to literally hit the road, and so following the example illustrated in Luke 10, we went out in teams of 2, to wander around our immediate neighbourhood, offering to pray for people and to take the opportunity to share the gospel with them.

16 teams of 2 went out, 84 conversations took place, 31 people were prepared to receive prayer there and then, there were 6 opportunities to share the gospel and of those 2 people have asked for someone to go back and share some more!

Greatly encouraged by what God did through our willingness to follow him in obedience we were encouraged to process what we will intentionally do next.


If you are interested in Move UK coming to train you to be able to do what Jesus did, then please contact Russell Godward russell.godward@movenetwork.org or check out their website www.movenetwork.org